Conditional Gift Template Logic That Includes And/Or

The ability to say "
If fund = X AND Constituent type = individual,
then send Template X- for Individuals;
If fund = X AND Constituent type = organization,
then send Template X - for organizations"

1 - you can't even access the field that specifies if the constituent is org or ind. Only all of your constituent codes, which means if you change those, you have to remember to go and change the conditional templates.

2 - This wouldn't be so necessary if you could create logic in the template, as the need for separate templates is due to needing separate headers - salutation/addressee for individauls and name for organizations (since orgs don't have salutation/addressee, and the letter comes out with a blank space. It's still an issue of not being able to say "If fund is X and amount is > Y, send "Super Thank You" Template; if fund is X and amount is <=Y, send "Normal Thank You" Template"

3 - Right now having to strategicaly combine separate lists -> separate conditional gift templates, different conditional templates, and different literal templates to achieve the same goal. Ideally, one list of unacknowledge letters and then a conditional template with AND/OR Logic that can work for all of them.

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