Add "constituent name" as a seperate personalisation field
Michael Ward

With the role out of organisation contact types and dynamic personalisation fields, the "name" field will export the main contact's name rather than the name of the organisation that made the gift.

In receipts, we will need a seperate "constituent name" field that will always export the name of the constituent that made the gift, regardless of whether it is an individual or an organisation.

Zane Geiser
May 21, 2024

Hi Michael,

I can see how that would be useful and we will take it under consideration.
As a temporary work around, you could use the switch function to accomplish this.

{{switch organization_name name}}

If the name field has been dynamically replaced by the primary contact's names, then the organization_name field will be populated. For individuals, there will be no organization_name field.

The switch use the first value, organization_name, if defined and then the second value, name, if the first value is not defined.

Hopefully that helps!